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October 17, 2019

Mortgages for Contractors

Get the inside scoop with Heron Financial

By Heron Financial

At Heron, we understand how daunting and confusing it can be securing a mortgage at the best of times. As a contractor, you might find the process even more unnerving given your specific financial situation. If you find yourself concerned about your lack of payslips and longing for the PAYE system, you needn’t worry. 

Whether you’re fretting about that daily/ hourly rate or not, you’ll find it’s much easier than it once was to secure a mortgage based on contract earnings alone. Banks and mortgage providers are much more tuned in to contractor’s financial situations due to the upswing in self employment over the last decade. 

What’s more, Heron Financial have a dedicated team with all the insider info on how to find the best mortgage rate for contractors specifically. We have access to a broad range of mortgage providers who fully understand your individual income set up and the benefits of lending to contractors, using gross income rates to determine suitability. 

“Heron know how to interpret your unique circumstances and how to present these to lenders in the most effective way possible. We have many options when it comes to evidencing your income and will work on the best possible solution. 

As far as protection goes, we can arrange cover to meet the needs of a contractor who ordinarily will not hold any type of employee benefits.“ Matt, Heron Financial

As a contractor, you won’t necessarily have the luxury of paid sick days, holiday or a welcome festive bonus. We know, therefore, that you might need help finding the right protection insurance. Think of the team at Heron as your finance-savvy guardian angels, who want you to be fully protected against life’s ups and downs. 

We provide bespoke income protection and life insurance tailored to your specific circumstances, which we know can change one day to the next. From full life insurance, to critical illness cover Heron are on your side and in the know. 

If you want to see how we could help you secure a mortgage, or simply want some more in-depth info, you can book an appointment with us here or drop us a line at Alternatively you can call us on 020 3195 1982 and hear us wax lyrical on all things mortgage related. You have been warned, it’s our passion after all! In the meantime, why not try our mortgage calculator and get an initial quote? 

Just give us a call on +44 (0)203 195 1982, drop us an email on, or book an appointment online by clicking here.


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