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We want to do our bit to help our community. An important part of our business is finding ways to help charities and people. So, we’re proud to have Create, a multi award-winning creative arts charity that helps disadvantaged children and adults, as our Charitable Partners.

About Create

Create is the UK’s leading charity empowering lives through the creative arts. It enables society’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable people to develop creativity, learning, social skills and self-esteem. It believes that everyone – regardless of circumstances, behaviour, age, gender, race or disability – deserves the chance to fulfill their potential.

Create engages the most marginalised people in inspiring, sustainable arts programmes in areas where provision is poor and engagement in the arts is low. The charity works with disabled children and adults, older people at risk of social isolation, young patients, young and adult carers, homeless people, victims of domestic abuse, offenders in prison and other marginalised people.

Create arts charity works extensively across the UK. Some programmes bring different groups of participants together to break down barriers and develop a shared understanding, other projects enable people to explore social issues. All of Create’s initiatives help to build a society that is fairer, more caring and more inclusive.

Sparking creativity, igniting change

Across the years we’ve enjoyed helping raise money for Create and have also set-up a referral scheme, whereby we donate £50 to the charity each time one of our clients recommends our services that subsequently results in a new application with a new client. We’re now growing our relationship with Create to help the charity achieve its ambitions of supporting more children, young people and adults across the UK.

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