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Family Income Benefit

Everything you need to know about Family Income Benefit all in one place

So what is it?  Generally, with life insurance, your nearest and dearest will receive a lump sum pay out from your policy. But with Family Income Benefit the tax-free dosh lands in their account on a monthly basis. If you were the main breadwinner before you died, the policy could provide a supplementary income in […]

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Mortgages for Contractors

Get the inside scoop with Heron Financial

At Heron, we understand how daunting and confusing it can be securing a mortgage at the best of times. As a contractor, you might find the process even more unnerving given your specific financial situation. If you find yourself concerned about your lack of payslips and longing for the PAYE system, you needn’t worry.  Whether […]

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5 Reasons to be Cheerful

Reasons why you might need to review your life insurance policy and potentially save some cash.

Let’s face it, the life insurance chat isn’t one we look forward to, nor something we’re ever likely to want to discuss over a few glasses of wine with friends. It is, however, an important issue to address (up there with things like going to the dentist or dealing with your self assessment tax return). […]

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How much can you save by remortgaging?

The ins and outs of the remortgaging process and how it could save you some dough.

Why remortgage? If you find yourself in a pinch (let’s face it, who doesn’t?) and need to raise some extra cash, remortgaging can be a lifesaver. Alternatively, you may simply want to make changes to your current property or consolidate those pesky debts.  Whether you want to save money, raise money or make changes to […]

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Income Protection Explained

The Facts, Myths, And How to Cover Yourself

Let’s start with the bad news. If your income stops due to injury or illness, your outgoings don’t. That’s just one of life’s cruel truths.  The good news (phew) is that there’s an answer to this rather bleak reality. If you do happen to suffer a loss of earnings thanks to the aforementioned injury or […]

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Help to Buy Made Even Easier

Our comprehensive guide to the Help to Buy process

As easy as 1, 2, buy? Help to Buy.  It sounds easy enough, but we know what it’s like trying to decipher endless mortgage jargon and trawl through all the conflicting advice out there.  It’s like trying to keep up with Theresa May’s baggage allowance.  That’s why we’ve answered all your questions and broken it […]

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